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AU Garcia-Lopez, JA
TI Bibliometric analysis of Spanish scientific publications on
   tobacco use during the period 1970-1996
LA English
C1 Univ Granada, Fac Farm, Dept Farm & Tecnol Farmaceut, Campus
   Cartuja S-N, E-18071 Granada, Spain.
   Univ Granada, Fac Farm, Dept Farm & Tecnol Farmaceut, E-18071
   Granada, Spain.
DE authors; bibliometrics; journals; papers; Spain; tobacco
AB Spanish scientific publications on tobacco use during the
   period 1970-1996 were studied, including all published work
carried out in Spanish institutions indexed in IME or in
   MEDLINE and available on CD-ROM, using the search criteria
   fuma* and taba* in the first database, and tobacco and smoking
   in the second. A total of 405 papers were found by IME,
   published in Spanish journals, and another 194 in MEDLINE,
   published in foreign journals. In the latter database, a time-
   related increase in the number of papers was detected. Original
   articles accounted for 80.6% of the papers analyzed. The degree
   of collaboration between authors, research centres and
   institutions was 88.6%, 30.7% and 21.8%, respectively. The most
   productive Spanish communities were Catalonia and Madrid. The
   Spanish papers were published in 83 Spanish journals, of which
   36 (43.4%) published just one paper, and in 124 foreign
   journals, of which 85 (68.5%) published a single paper. The
   average number of authors per paper was 4.02 +/- 2.46 in
   Spanish journals and 4.96 +/- 2.26 in foreign ones. The total
   number of authors was 1633, of whom 1162 (71.2%) appeared on a
 single paper. The contribution of Spanish scientific production
   concerning tobacco use, in international terms, has increased
   in recent years, but a higher level of cooperation between
   research centres and institutions is desirable.
BP 23
EP 28
PG 6
JI Eur. J. Epidemiol.
PY 1999
VL 15
IS 1
GA 172TH
RP Garcia-Lopez JA

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