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Over 15 years ago I published a two-part essay in Current Contents which can
be accessed at the URL's listed above.

My purpose in writing to SIGMET is to ask whether any member can tell me of
any university or college which uses citation analysis in this way.

In the UK the resarch assessment exercises are widely known and discussed as
e.g. by Charles Oppenheim in the Journal of Documentation 53: (5) 477-487
DEC 1997.

However, I cannot recall a specific study of tenure practices and wonder if
any of you can inform me of any. Since tenure evaluation is such a sensitive
subject it is understandable that many institutions or departments may not
wish to disclose this information lest if affect particular cases. However,
I am aware that librarians and information officers are frequently asked to
do searches  of the SCI and SSCI for these purposes.

Naturally citation analysis is only factor in a tenure evaluation, but just
an indication that citation analysis is routinely involved would perhaps
permit me to answer the qustion that I am asked frequently--has
the SCI affected the conduct of science.

(See e.g. a recent interview published in the Chemical Intelligencer October
1999, p 26-31. To quote the editor Istvan Hargittai: "You introduced the SCI
and changed the way scientists are employed, professors at universities are
given tenure, and research journals are judges for their quality. This is
heavy stuff...."

If you would prefer to contact me directly please call me at 1-800-523-1850
or at the direct line 215-243-2205. Thank you. Eugene Garfield

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