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 TITLE          A scientometric profile of social sciences research in
                                       30: (3) 169-184 SEP 1998

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I surveyed the social sciences journal literature for the decade period
1987-1996 looking for papers with authors, or at
least one co-author giving an address from an institution in Turkey. The
number of such papers had nearly tripled from 1987
to 1996. I found that the papers are scattered into 341 journals and almost
one third of all papers went to nine journals, each
of which contained an average of a least one Turkish paper per year. Only
two of these journals, on archaeology and
anthropology, happened to be of high citation impact. Psychology and
psychiatry, combined with business and economics
are found to be the most productive subjects accounting for about half of
the publication output. A vast majority of the
papers were articles in English, and in an average article contained about
24 bibliographic references. The number of
Turkish papers in nine major journals are somewhat correlated with their
availability in local libraries. The number of
co-authors per paper had nearly doubled over the period surveyed, reflecting
increased interaction among scientists. About
half of the authors were affiliated with three universities in Ankara and
Istanbul, indicating a heavier concentration of social
sciences research in the main metropoles of the country. (C) 1998 Academic

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Uzun A, Middle E Tech Univ, Dept Phys, TR-06531 Ankara, Turkey.
Middle E Tech Univ, Dept Phys, TR-06531 Ankara, Turkey.


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                            Copyright © 1999 Institute for Scientific

The study involved using the CD-ROM version of the SSCI and covers
publication data from 1987-96.  The author refers to a paper I presented in
1991 at a symposium in Istanbul.

The citations include pioneers in citation analysis including Derek de Solla
Price, F. Narin, Martin & Irvine, Jan Vlachy, and numerous papers in the
journal, Scientometrics.

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