[Sigah-l] ASIST Doctoral Seminar on Research and Career Development

Richard Hill rhill at asis.org
Tue Jun 1 09:22:34 EDT 2010

 ASIST Doctoral Seminar on Research and Career Development
 ASIST 2010, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 22-27, 2010 Navigating 
 Streams in an Information Ecosystem http://www.asis.org/asist2010/
 Apply for this great opportunity by submitting your doctoral 
 dissertation or proposal to the ProQuest or Thomson Reuters 
 competitions listed below!
 This seminar at ASIS&T 2010 provides a forum for doctoral candidates 
 and recent doctoral graduates to discuss their research and career 
 plans with more senior scholars. During the seminar, the junior 
 scholars will become acquainted with more senior scholars working in 
 related areas and will have the opportunity to interact with their peers.
 Ten doctoral students will be invited to participate, with partial 
 support from ASIST.
 To be eligible to participate in the seminar, students must have 
 submitted proposals or the finished thesis to one of these competitions:
     ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation
        submissions due: June 15
     Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship
        submissions due: July 1
 The juries for the awards will rank the submissions and the seminar 
 organizers will work with the jury rankings to select the students who 
 will be invited to participate in the seminar.  Winners of the 
 competitions will present their papers at the conference.
 For more information contact:
     Student Activities Chair, Barbara Wildemuth, wildemuth at unc.edu

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