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Richard Hill rhill at asis.org
Tue Sep 23 09:36:33 EDT 2003

IA Summit '04 -- Breaking New Ground
IA Summit 2004
Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas 
February 27-29, 2003 

Call for Papers

Scope of the Conference
Some of us in the IA field are solidifying the IA
foundation, digging deeper, while others are pushing the
boundaries working with other fields and platforms. In both
cases, we are "breaking new ground". The ASIS&T IA Summit
2004 is seeking submissions from information architecture
practitioners and researchers that support this theme. If
you are developing the IA practice in your organisation by
documenting methods, applying IA principles to new
platforms and devices like interactive TV or handheld
devices, using techniques from related disciplines in your
day-to day work or researching the latest ways to connect
people and content, we want to hear from you.

We are open to contributions from people with solid and
relevant ideas, including areas that may be considered
ancillary or outside of Information Architecture. If
selected, we simply ask that you put in the time required
to create a solid and professional presentation for the
conference attendees.

We encourage submissions by students, developers and
designers, work of a specialised nature, work concerning
new features, design elements, methods or processes,
controversial topics, and work in progress. We are
especially interested in receiving submissions from
speakers in our field who have not presented at the Summit
in the past, including academics, professionals in related
fields and information architects who have not yet had the
opportunity to share their knowledge. We want to invigorate
our conference with new thoughts. If you have a solid idea
and proposal, but aren't an expert speaker, we can help.
Our planning committee has experienced authors and
presenters who can give a hand in fine-tuning your ideas
and presentations.

How do you know if you have an idea worth pursuing? Imagine
that you travelled out to Austin to attend the conference
and sat in on your presentation? Would it hold your
attention? Would it give you new focus or insight that you
could apply to your work? Does it provide fresh perspective
to what you think? If so, great. Go ahead and send along
your proposal idea. Don't be shy. . .

The Summit seeks proposals for:
* Case Studies ­ specific examples showing the use of IA in
completed projects 
* Presentations ­ talks that discuss principles and ideas,
or provide insightful analogies and mind-opening
explorations to open the minds of information architects 
* Tutorials ­ opportunities for information architecture
practitioners to discuss and develop a topic for a half-day
* Panels ­ differing opinions and discussion on the topics
of the day lead by a moderator 
* Posters ­ illustrating a concept from research or

The submission deadline for case studies, presentations,
tutorials and panels is October 31st 2003. The submission
deadline for posters is December 5th 2003.

Go to the ASIS&T web site for more details on submitting
your paper.

Margaret Hanley
Technical Chair IA Summit 2004

Executive Director
American Society for Information Science and Technology
1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510
Silver Spring, MD  20910
FAX: (301) 495-0810
(301) 495-0900

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