[Sigah-l] Building our professional society together

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 5 12:11:41 EDT 2003

Apologies for duplication. I am trying to reach as many members as possible.

Dear SIG members

As you may have already learned, the nominations committee asked me to be one of
the candidate for ASIS&T President.

I was not only surprised and deeply honored but also moved by this unique
gesture vis-a-vis an international member. Even though I am not personally too
keen of formal positions, I thought that this offer could not be refused.

I have now to prepare a statement for the membership explaining what "my" plans
are for our society.
Like any one else I have my own ideas about what ASIS&T priorities should be.
But I am even more convinced that even the best ideas in the world, have no
chance to be implemented unless they reflect members' aspirations and will.
Whatever ASIS&T undertakes it can only succeed if its members fully commit
themselves to the success of the endeavour.

As a starting point in seeking the largest possible participation and
involvement, I'd like to ask you what is in your opinion THE most important
task that ASIS&T should accomplish in order to better serve its members and
fulfill its mission, and that is doable within 3 to 5 years.

We seem to be collectively quite aware of issues and problems, but less prepared
to propose practical actions. What I look for is DO's. And doers :-)

I would be most indebted from your input. I don't commit to follow the all
suggestions I'll receive but will certainly consider them with the highest
attention. Whatever the outcome of the election, I hope this can be the beginning
of an easier and wider participation of all members in making their society

Thank you very much in advance


Michel Menou

PS Of course, what you will say in the on-going members' survey will also feed
my reflection, if available in time. So please respond to it.

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